The Possibility of your Truck Accident Injury Claims Going to Trial

Truck Accident Attorney
Truck Accident Attorney
Accident Injury Claims

Unlike most other road accidents, truck accidents can end up with devastating and traumatic results. Mostly, the victim will have to suffer from catastrophic injuries such as spinal or brain damages, multiple fractures, amputation, etc. Hence, it is significant to hire a truck accident attorney and file a truck accident lawsuit against the person who caused the accident. This way, you will get coverage for your financial loss including lifetime treatment, transportation, loss of income, etc. Plus, you can claim compensation for your emotional stress, pain, and mental suffering.

However, most personal injury cases including truck accident claims are usually settled out of court, particularly when multiple parties are involved. Note that most people who are held liable for the accident may prefer to get over with the case as soon as possible and may offer fair compensation to the victim. This is a good option for victims as well since they will not have to wait for a longer period of time to obtain their compensation. Nevertheless, there are certain instances when the truck accident cases or any other personal injury cases go to trial. Some of those circumstances are listed below.

  • The involved parties do not offer the complete compensation that the victim is entitled to
  • When the accused or the involved parties do not agree on the level of their negligence or fault that lead to the accident
  • The accused opt to provide coverage only for physical injuries. As mentioned earlier, a truck accident victim is entitled to get compensation for financial loss, pain, and mental stress as well.

Even though it may take months or even years to settle your case through the justice system, it will be the only way to obtain the compensation that you deserve in certain cases. Furthermore, some people will be confused about whether or not to agree to out of the court settlement. For this, it is recommended to consult an experienced truck accident attorney and discuss different aspects of the case and come to a conclusion. The main factors that your truck accident lawyer may assess to solve this dilemma may include;

  • If the settlement amount is enough for the victim to recover from the injury?
  • Does the settlement amount be sufficient to deal with the medical bills as well as the present and the future treatment expenses related to the injury?
  • Can the victim cope up with the loss of income or ease his/her financial burden with the compensation amount?
  • Does the settlement establish the role of the defendant in the truck accident case?
  • Does the settlement is enough to compensate for the pain and suffering of the victim?

So make sure your lawyer assess all these points when handling your case.

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