Most Common Defective Parts of a Truck Which Cause Accidents

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The negligence of drivers is the common cause of truck accidents. However, a large number of commercial truck accidents happen due to defective parts.

Brake Systems and Brakes

Brakes are an important part of a truck, used for transporting goods. Air brake systems make and maintain the compressed air which transmits pressure to brakes, which potentially helps stop a truck fast. If an emergency comes about and a truck has to brake suddenly, working brakes help prevent an accident.

Brakes can be damaged due to the way these were made. In other situations, issues with brakes can be the consequence of poor maintenance. Frequent brake inspections help spot any issues with a truck’s air brake systems, like issues with brake lines or brake hoses. Drum brakes have to be checked for overheating or cracks.

There are usually warning signs when a vehicle’s brake system is being compromised, like screeching sounds, dash lights, fluid on the surface, and vibrations. If these signs were ignored, then the driver, the company that employs them, or the entity which serviced the vehicle could be held responsible for resulting injuries.

Fuel Tanks

Some trucks have side-saddled tanks, despite the fact that having one in that position is risky. In the case a fuel tank is hit in an accident, an explosion or fire may arise. If you were injured in an accident due to that collision, then your truck wreck lawyer might just be able to find out the source of that fire and whether the location of the tank also contributed to the incident.

Rear Underride Guards

These parts keep passenger automobiles from sliding below the truck if a rear-end collision takes place. If the guards of a truck do not conform to the minimum standards, then severe injuries or deaths may arise if a passenger auto collides into the back side of that truck.

Windshield Wipers

These wipers are required to clear the front window of a truck of raindrops and other obstructions to vision. If these are not in working order, then the driver of that truck may not see autos or other dangers on the roadway while driving through a heavy downpour or some other inclement weather.


Another common reason for a truck accident is a blowout. Tire blowouts can happen when these parts are not inflated as they should be or are worn down. Tires can wear quickly when these are not maintained in the proper way, which makes handling the vehicle more tricky for the driver.

Most of these issues can be avoided in an effective way by careful check of the air pressure, tread depth and tread separation of tires. Inspections have to also assess these parts for cuts and cracks.

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