Frequently Asked Questions About Truck Accident

Truck accident
Truck Accident FAQs

If you have ever seen a big truck crashing into a small car or other vehicle, you would surely know the fatality of that accident. The injuries that one may suffer from such an accident can be very dreadful. You might have even thought about the sufferings you would have gone through if you were in the same position of the person who suffered the crash. It is natural for your mind to be disturbed when you go through such a situation.

If you or your loved one gets injured in a truck accident, here are the common questions that may pop out of your mind. It is good to know the answers to these questions even beforehand so that you can recover from the accident at your best, in the earliest if you ever go through one.

What Is To Be Done Immediately After The Accident?

Immediately after the crash you will not be in a mental state to figure out things properly and to take some decisions. The first thing you need to do is to inform the police. The police will take the statements from all the parties present on the scene including the two parties involved in the crash. There might be some people who had witnessed the accident and their testimonies are also very important.

Though the police will do these things, it is important for you to do the same. You must document all the things that happen there and collect all the evidences which are available on the spot. Get the witness statements recorded. Also assure that you have taken the pictures of the crashed vehicles and the injuries in different angles so that later it can be referred to. Sometimes you may lose some of the evidences later and so be careful to get them as soon as possible.

Should I Hire An Attorney?

The help of an experienced truck accident attorney can be invaluable in your truck accident case. You might not be able to go much far in your case by yourself, because of your lack of experience and knowledge of the law and the legal proceedings. An attorney can guide in all these and also reduce much of your work for the furtherance of the case.

There will also be attempts by the defendant to spoil some of the evidences. A lawyer can understand this and take proper action in favor of you. Also there will be need to consult and seek the help of the experts for making the case strong for you. An experienced truck attorney can surely help you to get the rightful compensation for the injuries you suffered in the truck accident.

How Can I Get My Car Fixed?

You might be missing your work and hence not having money even for your daily necessities. It can trouble you greatly about how to fix the car which was damaged in the truck crash.

Your insurance company can help you sort out this problem. They are indebted to pay you the compensation. If the collision is not part of the insurance deal, you have the choice of going through the insurance of the trucking company. You can also seek the help of a personal injury law firm which can help you to have a rental car and also can help to contact the witnesses who can be crucial in the case.

Should I Answer The Questions Of The Insurance Company?

There is nothing wrong in answering the questions posed to you. But be careful so as to not speak something which can turn against you later. Sometimes they may use your own words against you later to weaken your claim. It will be wise for you to seek the help of an attorney at first so that he can guide you through all these.

What Should I Prove To Win My Case?

For you to have a strong claim in your truck accident case you must be able to prove the negligence of the truck driver and the other parties involved. The common examples of negligence are drunk driving, over speeding, running a red light, avoiding a stop sign, texting while driving etc. It is on the basis of this negligence factor of the trucker that you can pursue your lawsuit.

What Will Be My Recovery In The Truck Accident Case?

Once you have proved the negligence and liability of the defendant party, you will have the right to recover the damages. Depending on the seriousness and severity of the injuries that you suffered in the truck accident, you can get monetary compensations. This will include reimbursement of the medical bills, lost wages, property damages etc. In cases where your damages from the accident are so traumatic, the attorney can consult with an expert to determine the future monetary loss you can have through medical treatments so that, the amount can also be reimbursed to you.

There might be many more questions you have about the truck accident you suffer. An experienced truck accident attorney can help you get proper answers for your questions.

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