Common Causes of Truck Accidents in California and Ways to Avoid Them

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Large truck accidents are some of the most dangerous and devastating of all motor vehicle accidents. The magnitude and load carried by these vehicles put all those involved in danger of suffering severe injuries. In the state of California, large truck accidents are responsible for 3.4% of injury-causing accidents. Note that they make up 9.7% of all fatal motor vehicle accidents. Below is a discussion on the common causes of truck accidents in California and a few tips to avoid them while on the road.

Prominent Reasons of Truck Accidents in Los Angeles County

Even though these accidents occur due to several reasons, a chief cause is behind all the major accidents of the kind where the truck driver was the accused: driving at an unsafe speed

Across the years, a considerable amount of accidents were caused by over speeding trucks. It is important to note that traveling at an unusually high speed does not equate to going above the allowed speed limit. For instance, the truck driver might have caused the accident by driving unsafely through unfavorable weather conditions like wet surfaces, low-visibility regions, or with ice or snow on the road.

A Few More California Truck Accident Causes

Other usual causes for California truck accident fatalities and injuries where the driver is at fault include the following:

• Inappropriate Turning

• Dangerous and unexpected Lane Change

• Automobile Right-of-Way

• Errors in Traffic Signals or Signs

• Hazardous way of Starting or Backing

• Driving Too Close to other vehicles

• Driving along the wrong side of the road

• Operating under the influence

• Pedestrians Right-of-Way.

Further, truck accidents may also result from equipment failures such as improper passing, falling asleep while driving, hazardous parking, or issues with lights and brakes. Though these are associated with the truck driver, it could happen to anyone driving the opposing vehicles.

Tips To Avoid Truck Accidents in Los Angeles

Generally, all safe driving principles help stay safe during drives. Besides, every driver has to:

• Obey the traffic safety laws strictly, such as traffic signals and speed limits

• Keep away distractions and maintain focus on the road and the surroundings

• Never drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs

• Ensure adequate sleep and rest—fatigue makes drivers equivalent to drunk drivers

Above are some of the main reasons behind the Truck Accidents in the state. Make sure you follow the safety tips strictly for a safe drive.

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