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Trucking accidents are very common in California especially on the highways where truck traffic is very high. In some of the accidents, the truckers can be held liable because of their negligence. It is necessary to know the basic responsibilities of a trucker so that, in case of a truck accident, it will be easy to identify if there was any breach in his responsibility, which led to the truck accident.

The commercial truck drivers have the responsibility the same as that of the other vehicle drivers, to drive safely on the road. However, the responsibilities of the truckers are higher than that of the other drivers. This is because the trucks are huge and can cause devastating effects if accidents happen because of them.

The California Commercial Driver Handbook lists all the key responsibilities of a truck driver. The truck driver is supposed to be medically fit for controlling the large vehicles. The driver must have a proper medical certificate before he gets the commercial driver license issued. This is to ensure that there is no possibility for any medical emergencies while driving the truck.

The truck drivers are responsible to keep a safe distance from other vehicles so that it will not crash into other vehicles while applying brakes. They are also responsible to abide by the speed limits of the particular roads on which they are traveling.

Driving in difficult weather conditions hold the truckers more responsible to ensure the safety of other vehicles on the road. The Handbook suggests ways to drive safe on the icy roads. When the climate is too hot, the drivers are responsible to be cautious to avoid blown tires that can otherwise pose a threat to vehicles.

Distracted driving is one major cause of truck accidents. The truck drivers are strictly prohibited from driving distractedly. They are not allowed to eat or use their phones while driving. Even if they want to operate the CB radio or the GPS, they are expected to pull to the roadside.

The truckers have the responsibility of maintaining their vehicle properly. They must ensure the proper working of the vehicle before they start each trip. They are to look if there is any fuel leak or an oil leak, which can be dangerous. The working of the brakes must be tested beforehand.

The truck driver needs to be more careful when he is transporting some hazardous materials on his truck. The negligent behavior of a truck driver can lead to fatalities on the road. If you have suffered injuries in a truck accident by the negligence of a truck driver, consult a truck accident attorney for help in your case.

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