5 Important Causes of Truck Accidents

Truck accident
Truck Accidents Causes

Truck accidents are catastrophic almost all the times. The truck itself weighs around 80,000 pounds and it is much more compared to a passenger car weighing around 40,000 pounds. This incredible size and weight of the truck adds to the danger it can cause. Hence the truck accidents must be taken more seriously compared to the normal car accidents. Here are five major causes of truck accidents in California.

Error of the Driver: This can be either the error of the truck driver or of the driver of the other vehicle. In most cases truck accidents occur due to the faulty driving of the other vehicle. But sometimes it can be error on the part of the truck driver as well. The driver maybe drowsy or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or he might be driving distractedly or recklessly.

Poor Maintenance of Vehicles: If the trucking company, the driver and the maintenance crew fail to properly check and confirm the working condition of the truck, accidents might happen. Since the trucks run thousands of miles every day, it is common to have some issues with the machinery. This must be inspected regularly and assured as out of danger.

  • Failure of the Equipments: Sometimes the equipments may fail to work properly while the truck is running. There might be some manufacturing defect with the machinery. In this case if the accident happen, the manufacturer of the defective part, truck manufacturer, trucking company and also the repairing mechanic will be held liable.
  • Poor Weather Conditions: Some truck drivers may not have enough experience in driving through difficult weather. This might result in an accident. Rain, snow and ice can be the main adversities the truck drivers have to face. The slower stopping speed of the vehicle can also cause accidents. The drivers should travel at an appropriate speed always to avoid skidding accidents.
  • Problems in Loading the Cargo: This can also be a reason for the truck accidents to happen. The industry specific rules must be followed in loading the cargo on the truck. If failure happens in the loading process, it can lead to the cargo falling off the truck bed and resulting in big accidents.

Truck accidents can happen due to several reasons. It is the responsibility of each and every party involved in the manufacturing and usage of the truck to make sure that they are fulfilling their responsibility in the proper way. Also the new technological advancements like sensors, telematics and real- time monitoring can be used to ensure the safety of the truck on the road. In this way truck accident and tractor trailer accident can be reduced to a large extent.

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