Mistakes to Avoid When Walking on the Road

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Road accidents are not a new thing in heavily populated cities. However, in most cases, the people who are driving the vehicles will be held responsible for the accident. According to the California road accident law, it is the responsibility of the motorists to be cautious, careful, and take necessary steps to ensure the safety of pedestrians, no matter what. Actually, pedestrian safety must not be enforced on the shoulders of the motorists alone. Rather, the pedestrians as well must be careful and law-abiding when walking on the road.

Note that according to California Negligence Law, the compensation benefits for your road accident claim are determined on the basis of the claimant’s role in the accident. Hence, the compensation a careless pedestrian is likely to get will be way less when compared to what a survivor will get if the road accident is caused solely because of a negligent driver. Some of the common mistakes that pedestrians must avoid doing while walking on the road are listed below. Avoiding these mistakes are really important to ensure your safety as well as to obtain a decent compensation from the motorists in case of any unfortunate incidents.

Walking on the Road with a Distracted Mind

It is quite natural for people to have many problems in their life and to get distracted with many thoughts. Walking on the road in such cases can sometimes invite road accidents since you are likely to get in the way of an ongoing vehicle. Apart from day-dreaming, texting your friends, listening to music, playing games on your phone, etc., as well can lead to road accidents.

Walking Out of Designated Paths

There will be many designated paths on the road for pedestrians to walk on. Plus, you can see many marked crosswalks in order to cross the road. Always use these paths while walking. In case you cannot find a marked crosswalk, go to a well-lit area on the road where traffic is relatively less. Then, take your time and cross the road when the distance between you and the vehicles is really good so that you can make it to the other side safely. Similarly, if there are no sidewalks on the road, it is recommended to walk through the farther side of the road and never forget to walk facing the traffic.

Wearing Dark-Colored Clothes at Night

It is always better to wear bright and light-colored clothes while walking on the road at night, especially through poorly-lit areas. Otherwise, drivers will not be able to spot you easily, unless they reach so close. Undoubtedly, the chance of road accidents is more in this case. Furthermore, try to walk through well-lit areas at night even if you are wearing bright or light-colored clothes.