The Link between Poor Driver Training and a Truck Accident

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Operating a commercial truck safely takes more than just hours of practice and a short class. A truck driver should be able to deal with different types of trucks and brakes, transmissions, and other complex systems of these vehicles.

Truck drivers also require specialized training which will equip them to deal with poor weather conditions, narrow turns, blown tires, and congested traffic.

Without proper training on handling various kinds of commercial trucks and systems, as well as dangerous situations, an inexperienced driver is likelier to cause an accident.

Better-trained and more experienced truck drivers can better evade an accident, or reduce the consequences of one by a great extent.

Poor Training Will Bring about Truck Accidents

There is a reason nobody wants a 14-year-old driving a sports car without any sort of experience. He or she has not been given training, and that car has plenty of muscle. As you would expect, a lot can go wrong if an inexperienced person drives it.

The same notion applies to a truck driver. A person who has minimal training and little to no experience is likelier to cause a truck accident.

If an inexperienced person takes the wheel, then a countless number of things can go wrong. A few of these things include the following.

  • Stopping too late or not slowing down
  • Improper braking which causes jackknifing or sliding
  • Breaching hours of service (HoS) regulations
  • Drowsy driving

The Trucking Firm Could Also Be Legally Responsible

All trucking companies are liable for recruiting and keeping competent and qualified drivers. Trucking companies sending their workers onto the roadway are responsible for the latter’s actions and consequences of these actions at the end of the day.

It is the company’s responsibility to do proper research when it hires new drivers to ensure everyone has a commercial driver’s license, adequate training, and any necessary endorsements.

All those elements are essential to make sure every driver is actually competent and technically qualified to operate a commercial truck.

New recruits who have just learned the basics of driving will need further training before they are able to hit the road.

What to Do after a Truck Accident Involving an Inexperienced Driver

After an accident, the first thing one should do is getting their injuries documented and treated. Then, they have to get in touch with an experienced and skilled truck accident attorney.

In the event you hire a lawyer right after your truck accident, the professional can quickly look into the accident’s cause and find out whether inadequate training was the cause of the accident.