FAQs Related to Truck Accidents in California Answered

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Most accidents in which trucks are involved results in severe damages. As commercial trucks are really heavy than passenger vehicles they might cause quite a destruction when involved in an accident. The severity of the situation will be even more dangerous if the trucks are carrying hazardous materials like chemicals or any inflammable things.

If you are involved in a truck accident you will get a reimbursement for the damages and injuries you suffered. You can consult a truck accident lawyer to know about the procedures for filing a lawsuit to claim money for a truck accident case. A California truck accident lawyer will be experienced in such cases and you can rely on them to fight on your behalf for the right compensation you deserve.

People in California have different doubts regarding filing a lawsuit against truck accident cases. The most frequently asked questions by Californians are answered below:

Can I sue the trucking company for the accident?

It depends on the situation. If there is an established relationship between the truck driver and the trucking company, you can sue them. In such cases the trucking company will be held liable for the accident under a legal theory called “respondeat superior.” But if the truck driver is an independent contractor working on behalf of the trucking company, then proving the liability of the company can be difficult. In this situation, the amount of supervising done by the company will become an important factor.

Can I sue the loading company for my injuries?

This is possible if the cargo was not properly loaded. If the loading of cargo to the truck is done in an unsecure and unsafe manner, then it will eventually lead to an accident. In such cases, you can also sue the cargo loading company for the accident.

Can I get compensation for loss of work if I get involved in a truck accident?

Yes, the compensation you receive for truck accident cases can also include your loss of pay because of the accident, and also the loss of earning capacity resulted from the accident. A truck accident lawyer will help you calculate the amount you can claim based on the damages you suffered.

Is it important to hire a truck accident lawyer?

Yes, it is important to hire a truck accident lawyer before filing a lawsuit for claiming money if you get involved in a truck accident. A well experienced lawyer will help you to analyze the situation and decide on the right amount to claim. If you have to take the case to court, he will fight for you to get the right amount you deserve.