Guide to Truck Accident Law in California

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Truck Accident Law

If you are in an accident that involves a commercial truck, you need to protect your interests immediately after ensuring medical care. Even if you were the driver of the California truck that was in an accident, the laws involved are quite complex when it comes to truck accidents. When the insurance agencies, other parties, and trucking companies are involved in the accident, getting justice becomes a complex process. This is why it is advisable to consult a truck accident attorney in such an event. Below is a discussion on the things you have to do after a truck accident.

Things to Do Right after an Accident

Who to Call

Call 911 is someone is injured. If there are no casualties, call local law enforcement and do not leave the site. If a large truck is involved, law enforcement has to visit the site to start documenting the location properly. It is possible that the driver’s employer or other people may have a responsibility along with the truck driver. Due to this, detailed police reports help string these incidents together. Regardless of your location, make sure you contact the insurance agency.

Collecting Information

Had over information with others who are a part of the accident. This includes details like contact information, name, license number, insurance information, and car registration number. While collecting information from a commercial truck driver ensures that they provide the commercial driver’s license (CDL) details.

Witnesses and Evidence

It is good to collect data or evidence from any witness of the accident. If you are able to collect photos of the vehicles or the vehicles involved from different angles, it will be useful for the trial. Do not forget to collect data regarding physical factors that might have led to the accident. This includes signs or branches that may have been in the site. This type of evidence has a way of being knowingly eliminated to erase the evidence. Therefore, prioritize photos.

DMV Report

Note that California’s laws require that all the parties submit their reports within 10 days of the accident if there are certain circumstances involved. This includes situations where a death or an injury is involved. It is also applicable for damages above $1,000. The report should be sent to the state Department of Motor Vehicles. If you have approached a trusted insurance agent or a lawyer, they could do this on your behalf.

Keep the above factors in mind when you are involved in a truck accident.