How Does 4D BIM Maximize The ROI Of A Construction Project?

Many construction companies are introducing 4D BIM to their projects these days because they have realized its benefits. Through a collaborative approach, 4D BIM technology helps in improving the on-site project execution.

The main advantage of 4D BIM is the precision in project planning. It helps to evaluate the safety risks on the construction sites and allows you to plan and execute preventive measures. All these benefits offered by 4D BIM helps to save a lot of money and valuable time and thereby increase the project’s ROI.

Here are some of the ways in which 4D BIM can maximize the construction project ROI.

Allows To Plan The Construction Project Better

4D construction scheduling and planning is very helpful to add valuable information that is time-related to the different BIM components. This information includes material lead time, construction sequences, project inter-dependencies, and installation duration. If you are a designer or project planner, with the availability of federated 3D models and data, you can develop accurate programs for the project quickly.

Allows To Monitor Site Activities Better

For any type of construction project, it is very important to monitor the site activities along with construction sequences. Tracking every activity on the site will be difficult for large-scale projects. If your team is relying on the traditional paper-based method, tracking can become much more difficult. Comparing the structures captured by the 4D BIM model and 3D scanning can quickly detect any deviation during the construction process. This will help in reducing the risks at the site and also help to manage the workforce efficiently.

Allows To Coordinate The Teams Better

One of the main benefits of 4D BIM is that it facilitates the prototyping of assets in a virtual world. This will easily allow you to reach a consensus on any information that is project-related. With the help of 4D BIM, you can significantly reduce the duration of meeting with team members and stakeholders. It also allows you to avoid on-site design coordination that often occurs at the last minute.

Improve The Safety Of Construction Site

Utilizing 4D BIM for tracking construction progress will give an insight into the potential situations that can lead to accidents on the construction site. This will help you to plan and execute safety measures that are necessary to prevent site accidents. With 4D BIM, you will have detailed information on the location of workers, construction materials, and equipment. This allows to ensure better safety planning and save a lot of money.