Why Do You Need A Signal Booster In Your Car?

When you travel through a remote area, it is common to experience call drops or slow data speed. It is very important to have a better cell reception when you travel in your vehicle because of security reasons. Without proper cell reception, you won’t be able to contact anyone during emergencies.

For getting a proper cell reception wherever you go, you should install a cell phone repeater in your car. It is the best way to boost mobile signal strength and avoid any call drops or slow data speed. A boost mobile signal booster is designed specifically for increasing the strength of the incoming cell signal.

What Causes Poor Cell Reception In Your Vehicle?

There are several causes for poor cell reception in a car, truck, or an RV. Many obstructions block the cell signals from coming inside the vehicle. These obstructions include non-conductive materials like plastics, wood, glass, drywall, etc. and conductive materials like steel, aluminum, copper, etc.

Mountains, hills, tall trees, snow pile, etc. can reduce the strength of the cell signals coming from a cell tower. Distance from the cell tower is another important cause of poor cell reception. If the nearest cell tower is very far from your location, you won’t getter a stronger cell signal.

Working Of A Signal Booster

A signal booster consists of three main components. The first one is the external antenna. The purpose of the external antenna is to capture the existing cell signal outside the car and send it to the next component, the amplifier unit. This component is responsible for amplifying the cell signal. The amplified cell signal is redistributed inside the car by the internal antenna.

Installing The Signal Booster In Your Car

It is very easy to install a signal booster system in your car. The installation process is done in four stages. Mounting the external antenna, mounting the amplifier, mounting the internal antenna, and connecting the antennas to the amplifier unit.

The external antenna of the booster should be mounted on the roof of the car because it is the place that gets the maximum cell signal. The best place to install the amplifier unit is the dash or under the seat. Installing there will help to save space inside the car.

The internal antenna can be mounted on the rear window or at the center of the car. It is recommended to mount the internal antenna at the center because the boosted cell signal will be distributed equally in all directions. The final step is connecting the antennas to the amplifier unit using coaxial cables.